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Money Saving Tips for Brides:

Although weddings are emotional and spiritual, they also represent a series of business transactions that take place leading up to the big day. Bride Rite has put together some ideas that can help you save money when planning your special day.


This page is dedicated to money saving ideas for brides and event planners of all types. If you have a money saving idea that you would like to post, please email us here to have it posted.

General Saving

*   Ask for the discount. When dealing with wedding vendors, always ask for any bridal show discounts. When dealing with general vendors (e.g., hotels, rental companies) always ask for a discount. The worst they will say is no, but more often than not, you will get a deal just for asking.

Save your money on Save-the-Date. If you really need to save money on your wedding, avoid little extras like save-the-date notices. These little announcements before the announcement may seem necessary, but they are not. If you send your invitations 6-8 weeks before your event, those who really want to be there will already know to save the date.


Wedding Dresses

*   Custom-made dresses. An experienced seamstress can often create a design from a magazine picture at a savings of about 50% of what you would pay for an almost identical brand label dress in a bridal boutique. 

*   Rented Gowns. If you aren't particularly sentimental about your wedding dress, consider renting a wedding gown for a fraction of the cost of a new dress.

* Gowns left behind. Check with bridal shops to see if they have gowns that have never been picked up. Sometimes the wedding is cancelled the bride never returns for the gown. The shop may be willing to sell the gown for a substantial discount.

* Group-purchase discounts. Many bridal shops offer a discount on your gown when you purchase the bridesmaids dresses from them.

* Choice of fabric. Order the  gown in a less expensive fabric. If the dress style you like is out of your price range, look for the same style in a more affordable fabric.

*  Sneaky bridesmaid’s gown. Go shopping for bridesmaids' dresses during prom season and after New Years. Not only are the dresses on sale, but you get a break just for not calling it wedding apparel.

Flower Power

*  Seasonal flowers. Out-of-season, exotic, or imported, or flowers can bust any bride’s budget. Consider substituting some of flowers for silks.

*  Share floral costs. Find out if there will be another wedding at your church or synagogue on the same day. You might be able to arrange to share the cost of floral decorations with another bride. You’re not the only bride on a budget.

* Less types, more stems. Decreasing the number of types of flowers in your bouquet can help decrease floral costs.  You can get wholesale pricing on lots of the same flower.

* Use what is there. Hold your wedding during church holidays when it will already be decorated.

* Renting large potted plants. You can decorate palms, ficus trees, or ferns with lights to fill space and help frame your ceremony site or warm up your reception. You may consider even want to purchase large plants and put them in your home afterwards to get more use out of them.

Do-it-yourself flowers. For crafty brides, consider creating your own flower arrangements and bouquets. Local craft store have all the floral supplies you need to create gorgeous flowers for yourself and your bridesmaids. You can save even more money by using local flowers and foliage (e.g., lilies, magnolia leaves) that are in season.

* Consider flowers wholesalers. Online companies have great flowers at outstanding prices. Unlike at a florist, you will be responsible for all of the prep work of cleaning and trimming them, and keeping them alive until the wedding.

Location, Location, Location

*  Make history. Check local Historical sites for potential wedding locations. Some of the Older Historical houses have fabulous gardens that set the scene for your wedding and you can rent them for the day for next to nothing.

* Keep it under wraps. When you look for a reception site, do not tell the establishment that you are searching for a wedding reception site. Ask about rate for a family event. Many places will charge more just because it’s your wedding. Sad, but true. (Be sly ladies, wearing your engagement ring when you go to check out the place may tell on you.)

Get back to nature. Look at local, state, and national parks. Finding a natural setting that provides all the beauty of nature means no money spent on flowers for alters and doors.


Cut the weight. Reduce the amount of “stuff” in your invitations. Forgo the inner envelope and blotter paper. This is a tradition from days of slow-drying ink. It’s likely that no one will notice the missing extra envelope from your joyous announcement.

Paperless RSVR. Rather than having an RSVP card, ask guests to reply electronically (e.g., e-mail, Website, telephone). Not only will you save money from the printer bill, it should also reduce your postage expense.

Seal-and-send. Maybe you’ve seen these invitations as you’ve been looking. There is no envelope, the invitation and the RSVP card are all attached and fold into a little packet held with a nice sticker seal. The RSVP card is a perforated piece that tears off and requires only post card-rate postage. This saves two ways, one on the invitations as they are usually much less than traditional invitations, and two on RSVP postage.

Do-it-yourself invitations. DIY kits are some of the best money savers! You can get them almost anywhere and all they take is a little time, a computer, and a sensible bride.

Manage the troops

Party down!. Throw a “party” inviting your girlfriends, aunts, grandmas, cousins, (whoever enjoys a good time) to be a special part of your big day by helping you assemble favors, make invitations, centerpieces, and other homemade inexpensive touches. Make it fun by providing some scrumptious brownies or other snacks, music, and if all are of age and not going anywhere soon, maybe a glass or wine or a frozen margarita.

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